After falling off the ‘benefits cliff,’ this mom decided to build a child-care safety net

From Washington Post – In October 2016, Georgia Allen got a phone call that changed her life. At the time, Allen, 35, was a single parent living in Madison, Wis., with a 3-year-old daughter. To cover her $925 monthly rent… Read The Article Here –>

Common Sense Institute looks at jobs trends, and it's bad news for moms

The Common Sense Institute sees troubles for working parents in an analysis released Thursday called “Colorado’s Labor Force and Jobs Report COVID-19.” The report flags the growing gap — 14% in February to 19% in September — in the labor force participation rate between men and women with kids: 93% participation for men with kids and a 74% for women with kids. Read The Article Here –>

Mothers in the workplace at a 'tipping point' amid the pandemic, child care crisis

From GMA – When the coronavirus pandemic closed schools and daycare centers in Colorado earlier this year, Tina Carroll faced a no-win choice: Keep her job at a local university, which required her to work in-person, or quit her career to stay home with her 6-year-old son. Read The Article Here –>

The Future of Business’ Success in Colorado Depends on Our Ability to Fix the Child Care Crisis Now – Here's How Business Leaders Can Help

According to a Ready Nation report released by Council for a Strong America, insufficient care for children under the age of 3 costs Colorado businesses $680 million a year and carries an enormous annual economic cost of $2.2 Billion in lost earnings, productivity, and revenue. Read The Article Here –>

As Record Unemployment Grips Colorado, This Job Recruiter Focuses On Finding Work For The Disenfranchised

From CPR.Org – In the months before Colorado was seized by the coronavirus pandemic — a time when there was 3 percent unemployment — employers often complained that committed workers were in short supply. Since COVID-19, there are clearly plenty of people hungry for work and fewer jobs.

2,000 Truck Drivers Honored With Special "Thank-You"

WILLARD, Utah — Thousands of truck drivers a day make their way through the port of entry in Willard, UT each day. Things are especially busy right now, one truck driver said. Wednesday, truckers didn’t just pass through, they were asked to stop and asked a simple question, ‘turkey or ham?’. Two-thousand free lunches were handed out thanks to Sharp Transportation, along with Carrier Transicold of Utah, Prime Trailer LLC and Iron Gate Catering. Read The Article Here –>

'If We Don't Work, We Don't Get Paid.' How the Coronavirus Is Exposing Inequality Among America's Workers

From Time – There are many things that worry Fina Kao about working in a busy donut shop in an age of fear about a spreading virus. The elderly customer who shuffles across the brown linoleum floor of the shop, orders a glazed donut, and then coughs. Read The Article Here –>

Activating People Who Reach the Cliff (Effect)

From Activate Workforce – Recently, we successfully placed a young single mom, “Maria”, in her first full-time professional job making $17 an hour, or over $35,000 a year. That’s the good news. The bad news is Read The Article Here –>

The Childcare Crisis

From Time – ASHLEY ALCARAZ REMEMBERS when she started to regret entrusting her infant daughter Paysen to an unlicensed in-home day care when she returned to work. She found out her daughter had been sleeping on the floor in a house where dogs and cats roamed around, and she worried that older toddlers might step on the baby. Read The Article Here –>

How to Keep Top Talent: A Medium-Sized Business Case Study

From Ratchet and Wrench- by Brian Sump – My father worked for the same company for the past 30 years and that blows my mind. Forever, I thought the reason was because dad was just exceptionally loyal. I mean it’s logical because he is loyal and anyone who has ever met him would agree… Read The Article Here –>

People Don’t Save Enough for Emergencies, but There Are Ways to Fix That

From the WSJ – When it comes to saving for emergencies, the evidence is clear: People want to do it. They just don’t follow through. Read The Article Here –>

The Biblical Concept of Gleaning and its Implications for Faith-Driven Investing

From the Denver Institute for Faith and Works – As faith-driven impact investing grows, so too does the confusion about how much financial return an investor should expect. One woman who heads a faith-based family foundation explained: “As impact investors we will not accept less than market-rate financial returns. Read The Article Here –>

Catching the Entrepreneurial Wave to Reconfigure the Spiritual Capital of a Nation

From the Denver Institute for Faith and Work – The idea of redeeming societies though innovation and entrepreneurial ventures is at the heart of this writing. Avi Jorisch, in his book Thou Shalt Innovate, refers to the Jewish tradition of Tikkun Olam, or “healing the world” as a fundamental and distinctive factor in the Israeli society and as a driver to have them considered as the “start-up nation.” Read The Article Here –>

Capitalism 2.0: The Benevolent Hand

From Denver Institute for Faith and Work – At America’s inception God’s hand was evident in many ways. In 1776, less than a year before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Scottish-born Adam Smith published his seminal work titled An Inquiry into the Nature and Cause of the Wealth of Nations. Read The Article Here –>

Leviticus and Work

From the Theology of Work – Leviticus is a great source for people seeking guidance about their work. It is filled with direct, practical instructions, even though the action takes place in a workplace different from what most of us experience today. Read The Article Here –>

U.S. Economic Activity Could Grow by Tens of Billions of Dollars If We Invested More in Single Mothers Attending College, Report Shows

From the 74 Million – If colleges, universities and the managers of public government programs got serious about graduating more single mothers pursuing a degree, the ripple effect on individual incomes — plus state and federal coffers — would be enormous. Read The Article Here –>

How ‘second chance’ hires can boost the labor force, keep youth on track

From the Chicago Tribune – America’s businesses are facing an unprecedented labor shortage, a drag on economic growth that risks derailing the expansion. Yet we also have a pool of millions of willing workers who are unemployed or substantially underemployed — those with a criminal record. Read The Article Here –>