Why We Exist

Equipping employers to provide single moms with good jobs, helping them move from poverty to self-sufficiency.

The Bridge Network (TBN) was created by the Gardner Family Foundation to match single moms with employers seeking employees who are willing and able to work. Our unique concept provides a well vetted and job ready individual with a company who intentionally hires, trains and develops the individual over a two-year period.  TBN provides oversight and assistance to the employer in removing barriers that have kept the mom in a low paying job and poverty for her and her children.     

Our fundamental belief is that a good job is the antidote to poverty!  Connecting a single mom to a company whose culture fosters a healthy and safe environment in which to learn and grow will move her and her family from poverty to self-sufficiency. A “Good Job” provides a pathway to a living wage with good benefits which provides the individual access to housing, food, clothing, child care, healthcare, transportation, disposable income, savings, giving back.

The Bridge Network also comes alongside the employer and guides them in how to better care for all their employees which fosters cultural transformation. Cultural Transformation is a shift that can take place throughout an entire organization and in individual departments and their teams. It requires changing the hearts, minds, and skills of the workforce to support the desired culture of giving back to the community. Interns must first have the conviction (heart) to change their behavior. Then, they must understand what behavior change looks like (mind) and have the necessary tools (skills) to change.