The Internship Initiative


Believe in Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

Imagine moving from welfare to self-sufficiency with a team who believes in you and will support you every step of the way.  To start, we want to help you find a good job. We believe a good job can provide a pathway to a living wage with good benefits which provides individual access to housing, food, clothing, child care, healthcare, transportation, disposable income, savings, giving back and even ice cream!  Apply today.

How Does it Work?

Learn how our internship initiative works from the start to the finish.

The Benefits

Fair Pay that helps maximize your government benefits while strategically increasing pay and lessening benefits to help you avoid the cliff effect. 

I’m Interested

Applying is easy.  Simply fill out our quick form and we will contact you with the next steps.  It doesn’t take long to change your life, use the button below to take the first step.