How Does it Work?

  • It starts with a single mom that has graduated from a Workforce Development Program like Cross Purpose.  These programs have prepared them for life as a working parent and developed the work-readiness skills needed for success.
  • We work with the mother to develop stability in areas that often cause new employees to fail, such as reliable housing, child care, healthcare and transportation and education such as getting their GED or access to higher education. At the same time, we leverage support from government programs such as TANF, SNAP, CCCAP, Medicaid, and Housing subsidies.  TBN works with the moms to successfully navigate and utilize these government programs that are often difficult and ever changing. As the individual’s income increases, TBN helps to navigate the reduction in benefits by providing private foundation dollars, when necessary, along with increased wages and benefits from the employer.
  • Employers’ benefit by the workforce development coaching and mentoring of the employee. TBN helps the employer realize the benefits of intentional hiring as other employees see the good that their company is involved in.  This enhancement to company culture has proven to improve overall employee retention and makes for happy employees, which make for happy customers and a direct impact to the company’s bottom line.  A healthy work environment also provides the foundation for success for the mom.  Another key component of The Bridge Network is the creation of an employer-funded savings account for use by the mom at the end of the initiative to enable her to move from surviving, to thriving!
  • As previously mentioned, the TBN Initiative provides on the job coaching to the mom, helping her move from “how not to get fired” to “doing a great job” to “positioning for promotion and economic self-sufficiency”. By providing time for the employer to train and develop the individual, mom becomes more valuable to the employer which translates into a living wage at the end of the 2-year initiative.  The employee goes from consuming resources to a producer of value to the employer.  This is the unique value proposition that TBN offers, providing a win for both mom, the Employer and the Taxpayer when she no longer requires subsidies from the government or private sector.
  • At each step in the process, the Bridge Network provides expertise and financial support to bridge the gap between government assistance, employer compensation/benefits, and what is required for a living wage for the family.